Author Name : JarkkoL

Building a Portable PBR Texture Scanner

Portable PBR Texture Scanner

I started this PBR texture scanner project to be able to feed a PBR engine with properly authored texture data. And because it just sounded like a fun project to work on :-) While talking with artists I found many struggle to get the PBR texture maps right since authoring those maps can be quite unintuitive. With this project my goal is to help artists to acquire proper PBR content for authoring t...

What is PBR really?

When I was trying to get a good comprehensive understanding of Physically Based Rendering, I often found articles about microfacet theory and energy conservation. However, as I kept digging this turned to be only a part of the whole story. I'm writing this post as an attempt to give more overarching description of real-time PBR in a single article without diving too deep in specific topics for tho...